1 By registering and opening an account, or in other words, agree to use the gaming services or transactions provided by WWBET (hereinafter referred to as “WWBETMM” or “Site” or “Website”), you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and you are certifying that you are 18 years of age or above and fully aware of and agree to comply with the “Terms and Conditions.” Otherwise, if you choose not to accept the following terms and conditions, you must not, under any circumstance, register and create an account. As a result, the gaming services and software providers will not be made accessible for you.

2 Any gaming activities, registration information on this site, gaming information or any use of other services covered by the WWBET are subject to these “Terms and Conditions”.

3 WWBET company has the right to make any adjustments or changes to the “Terms and Conditions” at any time without giving prior notice. The modification or changes shall come into effect shortly after the post published in this “Terms and Conditions” section of the WWBET website. Therefore, please read the “Terms and Conditions” regularly to avoid any confusion or missing any significant announcement. If you wish to continue using WWBET after changes or updates, it confirms that you have accepted the new version of the “Terms and Conditions”.

4 The “Terms and Conditions” serves as an ultimate guide to the exclusive and the complete agreement between the players and WWBET .  In the case of any disagreement arising from a provision of this agreement or from the WWBET website, this agreement content shall comply.

5 To ensure players are not underage, WWBET reserves the right at our best capacity to request players any evidence of national identification card or passport to prove legal age before engaging in the WWBET gaming activities.


1 In the event of any contradiction or abnormal betting or systematic betting occur related to a Player’s account at any games offered by the site, WWBET has the right to frozen the Player’s account until further notice or close the Player’s account permanently if found any serious evidence. The customer service team will be in charge and work closely with players should they encounter any disputes or problems. All players shall make a report with detail of date, bet record, and exact time to customer service support. As upper line management of WWBET , we will guarantee that all players’ problems are solved timely and fairly with a thorough and close investigation by using our latest technology software and system. 

WWBET reserves the right to take legal action on any fraudulent practice in our gaming services, which could result in suspension and termination of an account. In case there is any balance left in your account, we, WWBET Company, will refund your bank account, and the amount and bonus disbursement will be solely decided by the WWBET site. Nevertheless, WWBET reserves the right, at its best capacity, to cancel any abnormal tickets or winnings in your WWBET account shall fraud or abnormal betting is the solid case.

3 For your account’s safety, you must not, in any circumstance, share your account information such as player ID/Username and password to any third party. And it is your sole responsibility to protect your account information secure and protected. In addition, you are not allowed to sell your account to any third party or let them get access to your WWBET account. If any losses or damages happen to your WWBET account, you are solely liable for the case. 


WWBET shall disclose all of your personal details, including your credit card, player ID/username, password, identification card, and any other additional information related to players’ privacy. Your personal data under any circumstance will not be exposed to any third parties and encrypted with a protected and highly secure system.


1 Acceptance of Wagering Conditions:

•    Wager

Players must wager from the funds they deposit with the site in their betting accounts. All wagering or bet amount shall not be counted in the event that the Player has never made any successful deposit funds, or the funds are not transferred into their respective betting account. The validation of turnover will depend on how much you deposit and the bonus type you have claimed from the site. Each bonus or promotion deal comes with different terms and conditions, and you are advised to read and check it carefully in detail or ask help from the customer service team.

•    Wagers on the Record

Every wagering or turnover has its system in place, and WWBETMM will not be able to cancel any wagers made by WWBETMM in your account. However, the bet will not be valid if it is announced void or incorrect results for any possible reasons listed in the Terms & Conditions section.

•    How Wagers Work and WWBETMM’s agreement

Stakes or bet amount will be automatically deducted from your account once you hit your bet, no matter how or when the result is released at any games. WWBETMM cannot give you a refund on the bets you have placed down on the game. Although the bet is on the outstanding section, it is still non-refundable. Therefore, you agree to the terms and conditions that WWBETMM and its wager record system shall be in no question the final authority in deciding the terms of any betting amount or wagering you place under the circumstances in which they were made.

• Players’ Winnings responsibility

It is the players’ responsibility for any applicable fees concerning any winnings made to you or any payments. WWBETMM reserves the right to report and withhold any of your winning amounts to make sure that it complies with any applicable law. However, winnings cannot be substituted or transferred for any other winnings.

2 Wagered Stakes

•    Minimum Stakes

Different games allow different minimum stakes.

•    Fraud or cheating acts

WWBETMM is strictly working against any abnormal plays/behavior, which are automatic playing of games made by software or any other fraud act of the games on your Player’s account. If this action is found, your player account will be deleted, and this can also be done to eliminate all of your associated accounts. Moreover, your membership will be terminated, and you will not be allowed to open an account and play with WWBETMM again in the future. Regarding any outstanding and deposit balance, we will determine and give you further notice.

Above all, you fully understand that the WWBETMM has the complete right to suspend or terminate your account for any reason mentioned above without limiting to the predictability of generality. Should you have any thoughts of fraudulent opinions over your game engagement on the website, it will be determined under the fraud principles operated by the website. Besides, you are certifying that you will be solely responsible for all recourse against the WWBETMM and face any such termination as a consequence.

You fully acknowledge that there is also a possibility for WWBETMM gaming sites are under unexpected errors or updates or maintenance with regards to computer software. Some sites are being updated to bring you a more exciting and fun gaming experience. Thus, it takes some time to bring in the new games. Should you acknowledge that the game software is undergoing maintenance or ongoing update, please kindly give an update to our customer service, and the team will fully assist you in the new site to continue your games. Players need to realize that when the gaming system is under ongoing maintenance, your account at any cost will not be an error, incomplete, or lose any balance.

Hence, if the software contains such error or incompleteness that takes any advantage, you shall give notification to WWBETMM in writing along with some detail for the fastest solution. If you fail to fulfill your report under this clause, WWBETMM shall be entitled to receive full compensation for all damages, including costs for rectifying the software that may arise out of your omissions or actions in taking advantage of such errors or incompleteness.


1 Before any withdrawal is approved or processed, WWBETMM has the right to request from customers’ further personal information for necessary evidence to confirm valid and accurate identity. The information can be the proof of national identification card (front and back side), a clear copy of credit card/debit card/visa card/master card, passport, or other significant documentation as WWBETMM.com, at its best capacity, considers as necessary. In case you fail to provide any security information, WWBETMM reserves the right to cancel any winnings or withdrawal in your account.

2 When you win, you can always request a withdrawal, and the fund will be transferred to your bank account within the shortest time. Winnings, of course, will be sent automatically. However, if during the investigation or thorough review where there proves evidence of fraud or malpractice, WWBETMM reserves the right to cancel or terminate certain winnings and to make changes of your associated accounts accordingly.


1 Regarding the promotional deal, players are fully aware that the bonus fund or amount is given by WWBETMM is the money with wagering requirements on the game products. The customers or players shall never withdraw such money right after they get it. The bonus money comes with different processing conditions, and it will apply depending on the bonus type you claim on the website.

2 After players have completed the requirement for the promotion bonus fund they claim, only then, the bonus money becomes real money with no conditions and can be withdrawn to player’ bank account.


1 Once you place a bet, no matter what the result could be, your funds/balance will be automatically deducted from your account.

2 All bonus offers and promotional deals are restricted and exclusively given to only one free open account as per individual in one family, one household address, one email address, one personal telephone number, one personal bank account, and an IP address. Therefore, each Player will not be able to open two accounts and claim bonus money twice for a new member deposit bonus. In the event this fraud case happens, WWBETMM reserves the right to terminate and close the account permanently.

3 If stakes placed on both sides and two opposite sides, the valid turnover/wagering will not be taken into the calculation in any rollover requirement.

4 WWBETMM, at any time, has the right to request from customers’ further personal information for necessary evidence to confirm valid and accurate identity. The information can be the proof of national identification card (front and back side), a clear copy of credit card/debit card/visa card/master card, passport, or other significant documentation as WWBETMM.com, at its best capacity, considers as necessary. Such evidence will serve as proof for a player’s payment details and any additional information that can be required for security checks.

5 For the employees who work for WWBETMM or any representatives will not be allowed to own any betting accounts on the website or take any advantage from the promotion and bonus offer.

6 By registering and claiming in any bonus money in the promotion section and by placing any bets at WWBETMM.com, players agree to comply with these terms and requirements under each individual promotion offer on the website. If you wish to disagree with these terms, please contact the WWBETMM support team for further assistance or terminate any services offered by WWBETMM immediately.

7 WWBETMM reserves the right to void the bonus claim with all winnings in the player’ account if any breaches of terms of offers or promotions have been identified. The same clause will apply to any individual who has breached or abused betting system or what we consider as normal bets; WWBETMM reserves the right to default the account.


•    In the event that these Terms and Conditions are translated into another language, the English version shall prevail.


1 We, WWBETMM Company, will not be responsible in the event of any loss of written material uploaded or transferred through the period of your gameplay. In addition, you fully acknowledge that any case of account suspension or termination, the Player shall bear any responsibilities over what happens.

2 WWBETMM, at its full capacity, promises to offer timely and fair resolutions in the case of a dispute.