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Top Five Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling 2020

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Many people take up more exciting hobbies and turn away stress by betting on sports, slots, or choosing between table games. These terms are the form of gambling, which is a worldwide stress-releasing exercise. For newbies, gambling mainly refers to wagering money or credits on a game with an uncertain outcome. It sounds risky but brings in thrilling adventure and endless entertainment. Not only regular people like to have fun with betting, but many celebrities also gamble to relax and win money as a way to escape from their intense schedule. Surprisingly, one of the top five celebrities who enjoy gambling would be your unforgettable idol; therefore, let’s reveal who they are and what they like to gamble.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo is doubtlessly an amazing worldwide superstar for over ten years and he is the number-one best football player at all times. He owns a million net worth with his luxurious hotel and lifelong contract deal with Nike, the biggest sportswear company in America. In 2015, the 35-year-old player became a brand ambassador of PokerStars, which is the most famous poker company on the planet. He helps to promote the game of poker on behalf of PokerStars and shares it to his largest social media platform with over 200million followers worldwide. Presently, Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo are well-known as a keen and passionate poker player during their free time.

2. Charles Barkley


If you are a basketball spectator, you will certainly know this superstar. Charles Wade Barkley is a brilliant professional basketball player who plays as a forward in NBA. The dominant forward player regularly visits the well-known land-based casino in Las Vegas. More importantly, his gambling information is not a secret and he revealed it in an interview as well. Even though he had tough luck and lost more than 10$ million over the year, he claimed that he would not give up. To him, gambling is affordable and his number-one entertainment. His ultimate goal is to win one million dollars in every trip he makes to Las Vegas. Well, sometimes he won one million dollars over ten times.

3. Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather is a world-record American boxer who announced to retire in 2015 after his last fight with Manny Pacquiao. However, he made a surprising comeback in 2017 to fight against Conor McGregor and defeated him in the 10th round. As the wealthiest athlete from his boxing career, it might not be shocking to know that Floyd Mayweather is a regular sports bettor. Some media show that Floyd is a professional gambler, and he earns millions from his bets, which is astonishing.

Additionally, back in 2012, Floyd had won more than 1$ million over the NCAA men’s basketball match, Oregon VS Arizona state. Therefore, would he bet on his match? Well, unpredictably, Floyd didn’t choose to bet on his fight. For example, when he was set against McGregor, he decided not to place any bets. Either he makes a bet or not, Floyd already earned 300$ million from the fight.

4. Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is a famous actor from America. Sheen has starred in many successful films such as Wall Street, Major League, and Eight Men Out. It is not surprising that this actor adores betting sports. Unlike other celebrities, Sheen prefers sports betting more than table games and poker games. Speaking of his gambling habit, he had quite severe bets for sports and he spent million dollars. Many people believed that his gambling addiction led to his divorce with his ex-wife, Denise Richards. She explained that her ex-husband spent so much time on sports bets, and one day he used his mobile phone to place his bet while driving to the hospital.

5. Cameron Diaz


Born as Cameron Michelle Diaz, she is a famous Hollywood actress and model in America. Fans frequently recognized her in comedies. This 47-year-old actress earns incredible millions of dollars in her films. Widely recognized in the business show, Cameron is known to be the regular poker player. She admitted that she addicted to gambling and could not figure out how to deal with the addiction. Unquestionably, she has a high bankroll and been so active with her poker game and sometimes joined poker tournaments. Noticeably, the actress enjoys the winnings and would donate the won money to help children with cancer.

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