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Top Well-Known Misconceptions About Online Casinos 2020

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With the tremendous development of the internet in the 1990s, the world has come to a whole new level, and it shapes people’s lives extensively. In this modern era, people at least use one mobile phone in hand; thus, this emerging world highly and potentially benefits online casino business.

Alongside the unstoppable growth of online internet casinos, people identify what’s right or wrong about the online gambling industry. Excess of gamblers flies in to gamble online thanks to its highest convenience, low cost, exclusive promotion, 24/7 customer support, and high security. Besides, there are still a considerable number of people who have negative concepts toward online gambling casinos. The following is the ultimate guide you all need to figure out fake rumours about real money casino online.     

1. The online game is biased or unfair

Regardless of huge game selection and everything the house tries to keep convenient for online players. Also, some people wrongly think the internet casino is not trustable. And think that the setting of the system is to earn money from players. Well, this concept is highly unacceptable. Especially for big online casinos who invest millions of dollars to work out well and gain trust through the public. 

Online casino applies the RNG (Random Number Generators) system to manage the whole gaming world. Which means all win and loss are completely made random, and no fraud can ever happen. Imagine you play live Baccarat, and the live stream webcam shows everything and every corner on the screen. For example, the live dealer is shuffling the cards and deal the cards out for players, what could go wrong or considered unfair? Well, if it could, there won’t be a continuous increase of millions of players gambling online every single day!   

To protect the information of players, casinos also invest more in encryption to not reveal any personal data. So that can ensure to safeguard players from exploitation or any fraud.  

2. The online slot machine is a full scam

The online slot is one of the most popular thoughts among gamblers itself and the general public. Ever notice if people can control slot machines, online slot games would not become these popular ways. 

Without a doubt, all slot game machines are using a Random Number Generator. So, once you insert coins, the RNG applies, and there is nothing to do with the timing at all. RNG is responsible for the whole game and betting when the players hit the spin button or auto-spin. 

Additionally, to establish a slot game machine online, there is way too much money and resources to invest. Unlike online casinos, there are only a few gambling software providers on this planet, which are NetEnt Slot, Microgaming slot, Playtech slot, and IGI Interactive slot.  

The Micro gaming company is believed to be the first-ever online casino software created in 1994, which is right now the largest online gambling software provider in the world. In May 2009, the company paid the winner of progressive slot Mega Moolah $6,374,434, the largest online casino payout in history. 

3. Online casino is illegal

The common fact in Asian countries is not an only online casino is illegal but also a land-based casino. On the contrary, there are always exceptions for good. A hidden handful of cash to the government in the form of tax return speaks it all. When it comes to legislation matters, mostly you will hear local people are not allowed to gamble. Or, they need to own an international passport at least to be qualified and walk into the land-based casino. Do you think it is true?

Well, you already have an answer in mind. No matter what, punters who fancy gamble at the land-based still need to be careful. Since you will never know when the police are going to make a visit and check out procedures since some land-based casinos are not fully licensed. 

Gambling online is so much safer as players can freely enjoy the gaming experience at coffee shops, anytime and anywhere, as long as their mobile phones or laptops connect to WiFi or the internet. Players can deposit and withdraw money through online banking most convenient to them without even travelling away from the comfort of their home.  

However, with online casinos, players also watch out the unlicensed casinos because they might cheat on players and get your hard-earned cash away. Both land-based and online casinos are all required to register legally with local government to protect themselves from any arrest.  

4. Big bonus offered by online internet casino is fake or unbeatable

Some people view a welcome bonus as cheating thought, especially when it has a turnover requirement. If so, what about cutting out the bonus? Well, the answer is you lose a good chance of winning. 

The online game company has no intention to use the bonus to fake your winning or cheat on you. Bonus is clearly offering to add your winning percentage as you receive extra money on your betting account for free. 

Some companies would offer a 100% bonus to welcome new members, and that usually comes with a wagering requirement of 20x. Is it too much? Well, look like it is. However, if you would like to take the best advantage of this attractive bonus, you can play through days. For example, if you choose to play live Roulette or Baccarat, then place your stake wisely and make it slowly past weeks. It’s totally okay since mostly the casino would not give you expiration date. Unlike some European online casinos which are detail-oriented and only give up to the one-week duration of bonus use.    

5. The online casino has no actual terms and condition

Most online casinos offer the best deal for first member promotion. So, it makes sense that this deal comes with the strict policy. For example, players cannot own more than one account, and in the case of two players with the same IP, he/she would not be qualified to claim the first deposit promotion twice. 

There is also a strict policy about age! It’s important for players to be at least 18 to start creating an online betting account. Players cannot fake this information since casino companies will require a valid ID card to ensure they meet the policy’s requirements. Also, casinos have good intentions to obtain information on the birth of date to give an extra special bonus to players yearly for the birthday celebration. 

If you find out there are more misconceptions besides the abovementioned, please kindly comment below. 

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