Ultimate Roulette Betting Tips 2020

Ultimate Roulette Betting Tips 2020

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Roulette game has been popular since 1796 and then continues to be the most-played casino game around the world. Also, Roulette is a unique game of no prediction and a wide variety of bet options to entice players. The Roulette game comprises of various bet types, and that is what makes playing Roulette more entertaining and surprisingly enthusiastic.

Every game is existing for a reason, and that usually comes along with effective strategies to win the game. Roulette game rules are not much alert, and players should firstly focus on bet types and their payout rate.

Before Roulette winning tips are described in detail, all players shall fully understand Roulette bet options used in the game. 

Roulette Betting types:

In the Roulette game, gamblers can place a stake on more than ten possible options, and it is critical to realize each payout value. Remember, any bet option which provides higher payout does not mean the option is high in winning percentage; sometimes, the game itself also has a trick to earn extra bet from players.

  • Odd/Even: If the Roulette result numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on, then betting on odd will be successful. You win 100% of your bet amount, which means if you bet 100,000MMK, then your win is 100,000MMK! Such a fair game to play! 
  • Black/Red: The Roulette game has a range of 36 numbers with two different colors, red and black. Any bet placed on red or black wins, it has 100% odd.
  • Dozen bet: Players also enjoy an extra dozen bet with a range of 12 number bet together, First (1-12), Second (13-24), Third (25-36), and the payout is 1:2. Every bet you win, you will get x2 of your stake.
  • Column bet: This bet is quite exciting and chilling. Players get fun placing a bet on three columns, first 1-4-7 down to the lowest part 34, second 2-5-8 down to 35, and third 3 6 9 down to 36, and the payout is 1:2.

Straight bet/single number bet: Although the result has a low possibility, most Roulette players are thrill with this bet. The single number bet payout is interestingly high. It offers a payout of 35,000MMK out of 1,000MMK bet. 

Single zero/double zero bets: if the result is zero, punters will win 17,000MMK out of 1,000MMK bet amount.

Roulette wheel pattern

The wheel pattern in the Roulette game is sporadic, and the numbers are not in order at all. Therefore, players need a pretty good set of skills to earn cash from this game bet. Here are the three common patterns you have seen in Roulette gaming. 

  • Single-zero wheel


  • Double-zero wheel


  • Triple-zero wheel


Roulette betting tips

First of all, it is imperative to check out the game record or result statement before hitting any bet. The game record gives you a clue on what result would be in the next round. The record itself also teaches you the trends of the possible game outcome, which can be sparse or fixed. In some Roulette tables, the result is quite insane, having to see Red outcome in 5 or possible ten consecutive rounds, and this pattern we can call it fixed, which is, in contrast, to scattered.

Even though Roulette game offers a wide range of betting choices, it is not a wise choice to place multi bets every round hoping to win more cash because you may end up losing more than you win. For beginners, they are highly suggesting to place one bet at a time. This can be done with options of Red/Black, Odd/Even, Dozen or Column bet based on their preference. Those mentioned bet alternatives do not provide the highest odds, but it is a fair bet. Unlike the Baccarat game, if Banker wins, players need to pay 5% to the house. In Roulette, every result of Odd/Even and Red/Black, you get 100% in the payout.

The gaming strategy is about long patience. To practice this tactic in Roulette, all you need to do it wait. According to the up-and-down game record, it is quite a work to guess what should be the outcome for the next round; however, you can wait until you surely get the game record pattern and place your bet with the high stake. For example, if the number in black color result in 5 consecutive times, so it will be at least 60% likely the Red color result would stand.

Some expert gamblers also suggest betting in a complete set for players who love taking a bet on a single number. If you think in this round, the number would go between 1-10, then you bet on a full set from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. This strategy might be working, but it’s not a 100% win guarantee. Therefore gamblers should give it a test first before betting real money. Gamblers who love multi-bet would not like this concept. 

Imagine you bet 5,000MMK on Red number, another 5,000MMK on Odd number, and another 5,000MMK on 1st column at the same time. Of course, this round is thrilling and exciting. Do you think this multi bet is profitable? Well, actually there is no standard answer to this question. However, bear in mind that if in this round, you are at least sure that Red is a winning bet, then go for it in higher stake and stay focus. Making one bet counts for all is better, placing a false stake.

Real Money Online Roulette Game

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