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How COVID-19 Shapes Online Gambling Industry 2020

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COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease has caused global chaos over the past years. Undoubtedly, it brought economic lockdown in many countries across the world. Such a damn disease requires a long headache period to completely recover to its original state while experts dropped a hint the COVID-19 can only disappear after 2022. This is heartbreaking for everyone!

Despite possible devastating bankruptcy of food business, entertainment industry such as night-club, and KTV, COVID-19 illness contrarily does some good for online casinos. As a result, internet gambling is the only remaining business with less financial loss during this pandemic. 

Although sports events have initially been canceled and delayed, online betting continues to provide players with the seamless gaming experience of other gaming products such as online live casinos, online slot machines, online Keno, online fish hunting games, and many more card and financial games. 

Below you will find more detail showing how COVID-19 completely shapes the online gambling world. 

1. Global betting 

It is without a doubt that COVID-19 affects global betting tremendously, but it shows more positivity than negativity. Surprisingly, it added the desirable number of gamblers to online casinos. Why? 

Now that people have more free time and stay home more than ever before. Potentially they can make even more time to play online games from their favorite devices. In order to keep them entertained while doing self-quarantine. 

Some people, besides, turn away their stress with online gambling as casinos offer a vast game selection, 24/7 customer support, and highest convenience with safest security. Online gambling is nothing but fun and free to register! For slot machines, players can kick off betting tiny cents 0.15USD for one spin or place 1USD stake in minimum to enjoy live games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, or Fan Tan. 

In most countries, land-based casinos require to temporarily shut down until further notice to prevent COVID-19 disease from worse spreading. Can you guess what would happen? Gamblers would switch and turn into online betting casinos to keep them stay in the fun excitement loop, but of course, gambling online is more effortless.

Online Gambling Trends

Everybody knows that one of the main reasons people gamble online is to earn extra cash and feed the leisure soul since. In the majority, their jobs are laid off or temporarily paused. Strategic gamblers take a lot of advantages during this period, and according to the UK Gov blog, it proves that some gambling experts are able to earn more than 100,000USD per month with online poker and Baccarat.  

The online casino gambling percentage is crazily double and even triple during the last few months. Until it becomes uncontrollable in some countries. Take the UK as an example! Due to the unexpected massive increase of online gamblers in the UK, the government decided to halt credit cards and e-wallets payment from April 14. 

Believe it or not that it is exceptionally undeniable to deposit your money and gamble online. Online game market attacks the whole social media platform recently, and its online ads exposure is very high; thus, it’s hard for punters to forget gambling online even they are nowadays under great pressure from COVID-19. 

2. Sports betting

At first, when the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, and Major League Soccer in America made an official annulment of possible cancellations or delays of football matches, some people might think it would be the end of sports betting for 2020. 

Without further disappointment, virtual sports is launching and introducing in a broader sense. With new technology development for global online betting, and it gains enormous popularity among sports lovers not until recently.

Virtual sports refer to electronic sports games created with fixed odds using the random number generator (RNG) system to contribute the result. This virtual sports almost 100% look like human play, and it has consistent results. Bettors can enjoy the same schedule of each sport event, and the game outcome is totally and globally the same.    

Real Sports are replacing Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are incredible working well with online customers in the global betting market without a doubt. Although sports betting has been affected, but the rest is doing fine. Sports bettors might be lose hope since they cannot bet on their favorite team anymore. However, to keep betting enjoyable, some sports punters also go with other games. For example, online live cockfight, online live games or card games, and also online slot machine. This period forces them to try out different games but in the right way! 

Regardless of the postponements, the good news is the European leagues will resume in the upcoming months. At the same time, please take a look at the information set to comeback date as below: 

  • UFC 250 will be resume on 6, June 2020
  • La Liga will be resume on 11, June 2020
  • Serie A will be resume on 20, June 2020
  • Premier League will be resume on 17, June 2020
  • PGA Tour will be resume on 11, June 2020

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