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Trending Mobile Casinos in Myanmar 2020

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Online gambling is a new trend in Myanmar in 2020. We can see both foreigners and local gamblers fancy online casinos during this COVID-19 period. Moreover, due to city lockdowns, people do not enjoy outdoor activities as much as before. They stay home, spending time with family, doing some freelance work, and enjoying mobile games. On top of that, at least 20% of Burmese gamble online with their mobile phones.

Thanks to remarkable technology development, it contributes tremendous benefits to online casinos to provide the latest gaming version that is available for all devices. Undoubtedly, with a modern gambling platform, players enjoy a wide range of game selection while drinking coffee at home.

Some online casinos portray such a fantastic feature to offer the most exceptional mobile gaming experience to online gamblers. They can place a stake online with top casino games such as live sportsbook, live streaming card games, online slot machine, online fish game, Keno, Lottery, Trade game, and many more. 

The following are the trending mobile casinos which Burmese players love to bet at all times:  

1. Mobile Sportsbook

WWBET Myanmar

In Myanmar, there are only a few trusted sports betting sites that offer fast compensation, fair results, and have a stable system. These impressive features enable WWBET Myanmar to become one of the most leading sports bookies across Asia. WWBET is played throughout Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. As an international player, you can always switch to your language, where the function is available on the right top of the site. WWBET Myanmar provides up to 10 languages for players’ choice.


Sports bettors can also find both desktop and mobile versions on the WWBET Myanmar website. The various layout formats make everything easier and simpler for players. If you prefer different odd types while enjoying your favorite sports team, you can switch from ER (Europe), HK (Hong Kong), Marlay (Malaysia), to INDO (Indonesia) odd. You can change from one odd type to another within seconds.

In addition, WWBET Myanmar exceptionally provides the best sports betting experience. Without any concerns, players are excited to have fun betting on every possible team on the match because WWBET covers almost every sports event and both popular and non-popular leagues. Sports lovers will surely enjoy a vast selection of sports teams in more than ten sport varieties ranging from soccer, baseball, rugby, tennis to ice hockey. Virtual sport or E-sport is uniquely available on WWBET as well.          

Above all, WWBET displays higher odds if compared to other Asian bookies. Sports players can earn more from their betting options such as odd/even, over/under, Asian handicap, outright, mix parlay, first goal/last goal, 1×2, and so on. Betting running balls is also open to all players.

SV388 Myanmar

A cockfight is a lively and appealing sports game where the two roosters fight together. If one cock is unconscious or dead, it will be considered as a losing side. Yangon city has the highest rate of cockfighting, and hundreds of players and bystanders enjoy the thrill and heating arena. However, bear in mind that gambling is highly restricting in some areas according to the law. Therefore, to gain high security, most bettors switch to the SV388 mobile app. Having the live streaming platform in your hand is sensational and mind-blowing. While placing your bets, players can enjoy more than one arena.

SV388 is the best gaming platform for a live cockfight in Myanmar. This site is solely the mobile edited version. Even players have a low Internet connection; they still can enjoy smooth operation in each match. SV388 Myanmar is best well-known for its non-stop live cockfight with up to ten arenas so that punters can place multi bets at the same time. Each arena is filled with a well-trained croupier and cheering audience to make players enjoy real-life excitement.  

2. Mobile Live Casinos

The most trending mobile casino is WWBET Myanmar. Gamblers can freely enjoy high-quality live streaming casino games from your comfort home. And there is no need to dress up nicely for booking a seat anymore. Online casinos provide unlimited seats with better betting options and pay tables. Besides live casinos, WWBET Myanmar Company is best well-known for its high-definition video slot games, special features of fish game variety, a stable and up-to-date system, and an easy-going interface for simple navigation.


It is wonderful to discover this gaming site since there are excellent choices ranging from CT855, AllBet, SA36 Gaming, and ION Live Casino to VIVO. VIVO is the brand new casino first launched 12 June 2020. All table games are live from Europe and consists of sexy versions similar to AE Sexy Casino. As a live casino lover, you can have excellent enjoyment playing all types of live dealer games at once.

  • CT855: live Baccarat, live Fightbull, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Sic Bo, Live Roulette, and Live Sedie.
  • Allbet: live Baccarat, live Win3cards or WinthreeCards, live BullBull, or Fightbull, and Live Dragon Tiger
  • ION: live Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Sic Bo, and Live Roulette.
  • SA36 Gaming: is the best Baccarat expert provider with more than ten table games to choose from.
  • VIVO: Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Casino Hold’ Em.

3. Mobile Slot machines and fish games

Online slot machines are the most recognized and trusted game worldwide with millions of players these days. The configuration of each game comes with a random number generator (RNG) and the highest technical standard. To ensure players’ consistent gaming experience, companies such as Joker Myanmar and Live22 Myanmar continuously create new games with more attractive themes, better sounds, and excellent graphic design. Players can also participate in the daily tournament provided by Live22 Myanmar. The tournament in Live22 is overwhelmingly popular and produces the highest chance of winnings. Progressive jackpot, bonus and free spins are given out every day. The more you play, the higher your winnings. Although these two giant slot companies offer similar gaming products, they have their distinguished features.

Joker Myanmar (Joker123)

Joker provides hundreds of eye-catching slots to players around the world. Also, Joker Myanmar is known to have received the best reviews from players thanks to its beautiful slot products, incredible payouts, and fair gameplay. If you are a big fan of online slot machines, don’t miss out on Joker. You can download Joker in the app. Besides, slot games can only be fun and exciting when your winning frequency is high. Hence, Joker Myanmar will be your perfect choice. It offers a higher winning possibility in most games. 


Live22 Myanmar

The fabulous feature of Live22 is its upfront tournament of slot games. The famous slots are Into the Fay: Ashley, Jin Qian Wa, Thriving Wilds, Classic Diamond Xmas, and 3x Dragon Supreme. Those slot games in the category of tournament offer the highest winning chances with no lies. Many slot lovers in Myanmar asks for Live22 and withdraw real money winnings every single day. Each game is very well-designed, well-organized, fantastic music, creative, and offers simple layouts with the introduction of pay tables. You can download Live22 in the app from your IOS, Android phone, tablets, and Ipad.   


Create your account now with and claim your 50% bonus today! Then you can get access to all the biggest gaming sites with global standard and premium service quality.

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